Level up: Customizable Random Cover

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Boost your sales by learning the trick of adding a customizable, random cover to your Notion template.

A step-by-step mini-course to help you go from "feels too similar to others" to the "next level", and earn more money.

Why did I create this?

As I was working on a Notion project, I need to find a way to automatically modify the cover when redesigning the page. In my search, I found a demand but no solution, so I created one.
This course will teach you everything you need to turn your static Notion cover pages into a dynamic experience for your future user.

Problems you might be facing:

My template feels too similar to others
I have difficulty to propose a dynamic experience
How do I get more sales/customers

What you'll learn:

Find the trick that makes your Notion templates unique
How to create a dynamic experience
Stand out from the rest

Lesson 1: Creation Phase
Lesson 2: Download Phase
Lesson 3: Upload Phase

Who am I?
Young ux designer with programming background. My passion is delving into popular products to find ways of creating new solutions to help sellers sell.


Can I get a discount or get this for free?
You can't get it for free. I spent countless of finding the trick, writing and designing this course.

Still have questions?
Send your feedback or queries to : mailto:notionrandomcover@maildrop.cc

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Level up: Customizable Random Cover

36 ratings